China Eastern Baggage Information

here is an overview of China Eastern baggage information.

Carry-on Baggage:

Flight Type Cabin Limit on Number of Bags Limit Weight (for Each Bag) Dimension of Bags

International or regional flight




First Class







Height≤56CM(22.0 inches)     Length≤45CM(17.7 inches)    Width≤25CM(9.8 inches)     Length+Width+Height≤115CM(45 inches)


Business Class




Economy Class



China Eastern Baggage Information


Checked in Baggage

Baggage Allowance in Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok

Cabin Limit on Number of Bags Limit Weight (for Each Bag) Dimension of Bags

Standard baggage





First 3 70 lbs (32 KG)/pc

Dimensions Total: 62 inches (158 cm)




Business 2 70 lbs (32 KG)/pc
W/Class 2 70 lbs (32 KG)/pc
Economy 2 50 lbs (23 KG)/pc


Baggage Allowance in Other International and Regional Places

Type of passenger Class Weight limit (Per piece)

Adult & Child




First Class 40kg
Business Class 30kg
Economy Class 20kg


All classes 10kg (1 folded portable stroller or a car seat can be checked additionally at no charge.)


Excess Baggage Charge

If baggage exceeds size then passengers may have to pay for the exceeding dimension.

If size of the bag exceeds 158cm and stays within 203cm then the charge will be 1000 CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) per piece.

If baggage size exceeds 203cm then passenger may need to pay 2000 CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) per piece and may need the approval of China Eastern Airlines.


Any baggage exceeding weight will be charged for excess weight.

If baggage exceeds 23 kg but stays within 32 kg then passengers will be paying 1000 CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) and passenger must keep the baggage weight within 32kg. The airline may not allow more than 32 kg of baggage.


Exceeding the number of bag limits will be charged by the airlines.

For extra 1stpc the charge will be 1000 CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi).

For excess 2pc the charge will be 2000 CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi).


Baggage Delay/Damage/Loss

If any baggage fails to reach the destination, get damaged or lost then the owner needs to explain the situation at the baggage service counter in the lounge, staffs will provide help as much possible.

Passengers who are entitled for compensation need to submit a written claim about damaged bag to the China Eastern Airlines within 7 days.

For delayed bag a written claim need to be submitted within 21 days upon receipt of the checked baggage.

The suit must be solved within 2 years from the day of arrival at destination after that it will not be acceptable.


 Prohibited Items 

To ensure safety for both passengers and flight attendants there are some certain items that are prohibited to carry as both cabin and checked in baggage.

  • Including goods without limitation
  • Explosive items
  • Flammable items
  • Radioactive substance
  • Controlled Knives
  • Electronic or communication equipment that may hamper during flight
  • Perishable goods etc

CHINA EASTERN baggage Lost and Found hotline numbers:

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